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Don’t Lose Your Indian

Street Faerie is a groundbreaking album from a groundbreaking artist.  We attempt to break down this album for our listeners in a way evokes all the feelings we get from Cree Summers’ vocal style, lyrical content and groundbreaking sound.  Did we say this was groundbreaking??

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Mouseketeer not Musketeer

Justin Timberlake: Culture Vulture or talented white boy?  Listen to this episode of psychomusiclyricology and decide for yourself. Let us know what you think?

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#MeToo, MoKenStef and Mo Protests

The PsychoFellas are here to review the year that was as well as offer predictions for 2018. Will 2018 continue to reveal news ideas about women?  And will that play out in the music we hear?  How do we like podcasting so far?  And how has it shaped the way we listen to music?  Find out the answers to these burning questions.

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F**K Da Grammys

Love it or it hate, the Grammys are still a mainstay in modern music.  Epics rants are commonplace now with many artists who feel slighted by those doling out awards.  Are they right in giving the Grammys a side eye or is this just sour grapes.  We take a look at the 2017 Grammys in general and some of the specific awards that seem ……bogus.

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The Internet is swarming with lists.  The best and worst covers songs has to be one of the top lists you can find online.  What makes ours different? You get to hear Mike rant on the travesty that is the Word Up cover by former Spice Girl Mel B. We also don’t miss a chance to talk about Nina Simone and her take on many cover songs.  Tell us what covers you love and which ones you hate after you give us a listen.

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Misogyny in Music

We’re a bunch of guys, so we knew this was a topic that we couldn’t tackle without some help. No matter what side you land on misogyny in music is definitely one that remains a current event on the musical landscape.  We always want to hear your thoughts, but we really want to hear from all the ladies on this one.

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Herbie Hancock

We got a chance to catch an icon in concert.  Herbie Hancock has a career that began long before any of the psychofellas were born.  The 70 plus Hancock did not disappoint.  It was a great Fall night.  Our resident jazz expert, Mike, brought the heat with this discussion.

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Van Hunt  – Popular

Van Hunt is one of the baddest dudes in the business.  One could make the usual comparisons to Prince but Hunt is his own unique phenomenon. Songwriter, performer, singer – Hunt checks all the boxes with confidence and style.  His old, new album “Popular” is the topic of our podcast today.  Maybe Van will listen and give us some feedback??

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Music Education Series – Dr. Oscar Passley

We’re not doing this just to hear the sound of our own voices.  We also want to teach the babies too. In that spirit, friend of the podcast Dr. Oscar Passley joins us to talk about his career in music.  Dr Passley regaled us with some great stories about music and talk about his commitment to develop a stable career as a teacher and performer.

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Liner Notes

Remember liner notes?  We do. Before the Internet allowed us all to download music any and everywhere, music buying was an event. The finale of that event was listening to the music, but a lot of us sat down with album sleeves and jewel case jackets to soak in every possible detail allowed about the music we were listening to. It definitely enhanced the process. On this episode, we discuss whether the liner note is a thing of the pass or whether it has taken new form.

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Afro Punk

The once grass roots movement is now a part of our cultural zeitgeist.  Kevin reruns to the podcast to bring us insight on the music festival known as Afro Punk. Kevin recounts his own experiences with Afro Punk over the years and we discuss an Afro Punk dream line up.

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Appropriation vs. Appreciation

Our first official friend of the pod is Kevin Walker.  Kevin is an excellent observer of culture in society.  Kevin has his foot firmly set in modern black music’s historical foundation while keeping a keen eye on new trends that really matter.  That makes him the perfect voice for our chat about appropriation and appreciation in music. Whatever your thoughts, give this one a listen and give us your thoughts.

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Record Labels

Once an artist becomes successful, she usually branches out into other arenas. Rihanna created a beauty line.  Rick Ross has a chain of restaurants.  But many seek success in the music business developing other artists on their own imprints.  We talk about labels of the past  like Motown and discuss how they measure up to labels like Rawkus Records, OVO and Top Dawg Entertainment.

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Bands That Make us Dance

From Mint Condition to Incubus, the band has represented some of the highest heights in music. We took the time examine our favorite bands and what makes them resonate for us and so many other music fans. Then we compiled the official Psychomusiclyricology List of Bands.

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Weed Culture in Music

Do we puff or pass on weed references in music? We tip toe through this episode and talk about political correctness, teaching the babies and why or if it matters that artists discuss weed in particular and drugs in general in their music. Are we behind the times or dead on in our discuss about weed?  Let us know.

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Movie Soundtracks

Love Jones left us with a classic by Dione Farris. Purple Rain included mesmerizing stage performances by Prince and The Time. The chorus of good and bad hair resonated with many of us as jiggaboos and wannabees echoed the style of the first Black American stage performances. We delve into our favorite movie soundtracks in this episode of the psychmusiclyricology podcast.  What are some of yours?

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Protest Music

Every movement needs a soundtrack.  We take a look back to applaud the artists and music that facilitated the movements of ideologies, faith and people. Does protest music exist in modern music?

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